Friday Funny and Blahhhh

Yeesh! This was a doozy of a week, my friends. A big ugly, painful, icky, blahhhh week. It all began last Saturday…

So, I sat down to begin working on my manuscript when–SPLAT! I hit a giant brick wall. My brain and body pleaded for a day off. I tried to ignore the weary cry, but after a few minutes, it became clear: I needed a break. So, I reluctantly shutdown my computer and spent the day cleaning my house and catching up on a million chores. Er, slowly. I was so tired!

On Sunday, I woke up still feeling exhausted, but I figured my weariness was due to dread. You see, I’d set aside the day to deal with my taxes, and I hate doing my taxes. I hate anything to do with finances, accounting, banking, numbers, math–blahhhh! But, they had to get done. So, I trudged over to my family’s house where the software was. After I (mostly) finished my taxes, I spent the rest of the day hanging out with my family.

As I sat there playing with my nephews, my sister casually mentioned she’d had a stomach bug the day before. I didn’t think much of it. I mean, she just had a baby and post-labor bodies go through weird stuff like that.

Well, on Monday my fatigue was still clinging to me and my throat started to hurt. Uh-oh…I tried to ignore the telling symptom and downed a few vitamins and a whole lot of Emergen-C. It was useless. By the time I got home, I was done for. I called in sick to work the next day in hopes of sleeping off the unexpected and very frustrating cold.

By Tuesday afternoon, I started feeling better. BUT then during dinner I started feeling queasy…

Yup, you got it. My sister gave me that stomach bug (as well as the rest of our family). I spent the rest of the night and most of the next day–well, you know.

In a nutshell, I spent the majority of the week in bed, sick and miserable. Besides my blog posts, I didn’t get any writing done. I couldn’t even read much because it made me feel dizzy/sick to my stomach. I’m telling you, it as a BLAHHHH week.

Although my cold is still lingering, I’m feeling much better now. In fact, I’m thinking by tomorrow I’ll have enough energy to get some writing done. Maybe a lot if I wake up fully charged and ready to go!

*Thinking happy thoughts*

Anyways, here is today’s Friday Funny. I posted this on my Facebook page a couple of days ago, but I wanted to share it again. It was one of the few things that made me laugh this week. Maybe it’ll make you laugh too when you’re dealing with a blahhh-type of week?

1503215_713503528688354_4701522200861300640_nPlease tell me your week was better than mine. In fact, I want to hear about all the fun/awesome/amazing/cool stuff you did. Gimme me a boost here, guys. I need it.

P.S.  Thank you to Jess from the blog, What Comes Next. Your virtual care package helped a lot 🙂

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