Friday Funny with a Whoops and a Woo-Hoo

Well, look at that. It’s Friday!

Before I give you guys my regular update, I want to apologize. Earlier this week, I received a notification I hit my bandwidth limit on my Photobucket account. Without thinking, I began deleting old photos to make room for new ones. Well, that was a huge mistake. By deleting those photos from that account, I deleted them from my blog. So now most of my posts have these:

Yeah, talk about a mega blonde moment. Doh! Anyways, I’m planning to fix this, but it’s going to take some time. Sorry!

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Overall, my week was good (minus the Photobucket debacle). I’m at last feeling healthy again, though it seems everyone else around me has caught the cold I had (sorry friends and family!). Work has also slowed down enough for me to catch my breath and regain some energy/motivation for my manuscript. It took most of the week, but I’m finally getting my groove back with it. Woo-hoo! My friend, Jessica, helped out by sending me this pic:

Mister-Mittens-Big-AdventureI kept this on my desktop while I wrote to encourage a laser beam focus. It seemed to work, so thanks Jess!

I’m planning to maintain this sharp focus today, through the weekend, and into next week. Next Wednesday, however, I find out if I advanced to the third and final round of the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge. Now, I’m gonna be honest with you, my chances of moving on are slim. Although my story Over the Edge has received positive feedback from readers, and many of my competitors think I’ll advance, I’m not counting on it. Only 40 of the 200 remaining participants get to move on, so the odds are not in my favor.

But, who knows? Maybe I’ll get lucky? If I do, then round 3 begins next Friday night. This time, competitors only get 24-hours to write a 1,500 word story. Eeks! It usually takes me 24-hours just to write a semi-solid rough draft. Suffice it to say, if I discover next Wednesday I get to advance to round 3, then my focus with my manuscript will be shattered. I’ll be too busy hyperventilating and prepping myself mentally for this crazy last round of the competition.

Anyways, here is today’s Friday Funny. One of my friends sent it to me via Pinterest, and I thought it was too perfect considering my distracted state and lack of motivation the past few weeks:

e977f5e36158e6f83a8b03d4100cdbdf-1How was your week? Did you get some writing done? What books are you reading? Have any fun plans for the weekend? Tell me, tell me!

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